Are Fitness Bands Really Useful in India 2023 ? Best Fitness Band under 3000

A fitness band is an excellent choice if you’re interested in keeping track of your health and fitness goals. Everything from your daily step count to how much sleep you got the night before will be recorded.

Are Fitness Bands Really Helpful ?

Such an important tool is now available to keep track of your physical activity. Counting steps, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, and sleep quality are just some of the many metrics that can be tracked by a fitness band. In addition, a fitness tracker can be used as a substitute for a personal trainer because it aids in maintaining or gaining fitness.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best fitness bands under 3,000. According to the Indian market, the price of smart fitness bands is 3000 rupees. It is expected that all of these bands will have basic features such as a heart-monitoring system.

You can get information about your activity, such as how many steps you’ve taken or how many laps you’ve taken, from these smart fitness bands and find Which is the best fitness band.

The Best Fitness Band Under 3000

1.OnePlus Smart Band

Product Features

  • A total of 13 distinct workout modes.
  • It’s all about adaptability.
  • A person’s overall health and well-being can be gauged by looking at their blood oxygen saturation level (Sp02).
  • The ability to express oneself creatively without restraint.

Product Description

Yoga, Cricket, and Fat Burn Running are just a few of the unique exercise modes that were designed to fit the most dynamic of lifestyles. Motivate yourself to move by tracking your progress in real-time with fitness-specific metrics. Makes it the best fitness tracker watch India.

Wearing the OnePlus Band is as simple as it gets. The band is dust and water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters for ten minutes, thanks to its 5ATM and IP68 certifications. To make things even better, you’ll have a full charge that can last up to 14 days on standby.

It is a measure of how well your body can utilize the oxygen that is being supplied to it. Because of the optical oxygen sensor built into the Band, users can perform on-demand spot checks during the day and sleep monitoring to identify any potential health issues. The OnePlus band is your silent guardian, providing sleep and heart rate monitoring in addition to the core tracking features.

The main tracker can be easily swapped out for different dynamic dual-color band straps thanks to the removable design. AMOLED touch screen and a wide variety of watch faces (including custom ones created via photo album) make this the perfect timepiece for any occasion. The best way to stand out is to make a statement.


  • On-demand daytime spot checks and continuous sleep monitoring of blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) identify potential health issues quickly and accurately.
  • The band is dust and water resistant for up to 50 meters and is 5ATM and IP68 certified.


  • Again, the charger is not very user-friendly.
  • The step counter is incredibly intelligent! It generates its tally.

2. Mi Smart Band 5

Product Features

  • Everything is displayed on a single display screen.
  • Monitoring of Stress .
  • 11-sports professional mode.
  • The ability to monitor one’s heart rate and sleep patterns round-the-clock.

Product Description

Greater 2.79cm (1.1″) AMOLED Full Touch Display.

A combination of stress monitoring and guided breathing exercises is used to help reduce stress. Notification of menstrual cycle tracking for women, Best fitness band India.

Eleven professional sports modes are tracked and displayed (including Yoga and Rope skipping). Automated activity detection lets you work on the go (Running and Walking).

REM (rapid eye movement) sleep monitoring is available around the clock.


  • Comfortable and cozy.
  • In addition to the lift to wake, timer, stopwatch, the weather up to 5 days and vibration alarm, ideal sitting alert, and music and volume change features, the Mi band 5 also has a find my phone feature.


  • The design is outdated.
  • No glass is scratch-resistant. at least a good first-party, curved tempered-glass product.

3.GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Band

Product Features

  • 18 Modes of Exercise.
  • Hypertension Measuring Device.
  • Personalized alerts.
  • An app that helps you find music and your phone at the same time

Product Description

You’re all set to break records and achieve your health goals with up to 18 exercise modes and real-time data display! Use step counting algorithms to ensure that every movement counts.

The GOQii Smart Vital’s blood pressure monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure. With the GOQii App, you can get the report right away.

Get notifications on your GOQii Smart Vital for messages, calls, WhatsApp, and other apps without having to look at your phone. As a bonus, you can receive inactivity alerts and weather information, as well as set alarms and reminders to stay active and hydrated!

With the GOQii Smart Vital’s basic music control features, you can work out completely hands-free. There’s more! You can track your phone even if it disappears from view thanks to the integrated tracking technology! To sum it up, it’s the best fitness band watch money can buy.


  • Heart Rate and Steps are correct.
  • There are also good measurements of temperature, sleep, and SpO2.


  • Touch and navigation are both abysmal.
  • In addition to the lack of watch face options, this product does not include any information about the warranty.


Depending on the price range, the fitness band has a variety of features and specialties. Each fitness band, on the other hand, includes all of the basic features, such as a step counter, estimated calories, and distance tracking.

When it comes to heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, however, you may need to spend a little more money. The fitness bands we’ve listed on this page are quite dependable and provide average value for money under 3000 INR.

So there you have it: the best fitness band to buy under 3000 rupees that one can buy in India to make their fitness journey more enjoyable. After determining your needs or requirements, you can choose from any of the bands.

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