Top 5 Best Electric Mosquito Racket in India 2023 | Best mosquito Racket Brand in India

Top 5 Best electric mosquito racket in India 2023 – Hey, Are you using those toxic liquids or those dangerous coils to escape from Mosquito ? You know those are as dangerous as the mosquitos so to live in a healthy environment , you need to leave all those toxic mosquito killers. Here in this post we will discuss about top 5 Mosquito bat brands in india in 2023 which can kill mosquito within a second and will provide safety from those dangerous mosquito and liquids.

Best Electric Mosquito Racket in India

Here are the Top 5 Best electric mosquito racket In India 2023

  1. HIT anti Mosquito Racket
  2. Vidhi World Mosquito Bats Killer
  3. Weird Wolf Mosquito Racket Bat
  4. Spartan Hunter Mosquito Racket
  5. NIPPO Terminator Mini Racket

1.HIT Anti Mosquito Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light (6 Months Warranty)

Product Description

The box contains one electric anti mosquito bat.This mosquito bat is made from aircraft grade ABS plastic .Company offers 6months warranty (To claim offer you need to register on Hit website with in 10 days of purchasing).It has 400mAh long life Rechargeable battery up to 1month of standby and can be rechargeable 200 times.This Products unique shape ensures better coverage for all corners in the home.It has inbuilt bright Led light which can help you to find mosquito in dark.

This Godrej HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet is one of the best and the best selling product which kills mosquito within 1second. It has 400mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 1month after full charge and can be rechargeable about 200 times. The whole Body of this bat is made from aircraft grade abs plastic which makes the product more strong and reliable.

This Mosquito Racket has unique shape to ensure better coverage for all corners and it also has a bright LED light to find the mosquitos in the dark.

The Company provides 6 months of warranty on the product and to claim the warranty, you need to register on HIT website within 10 days of purchasing.

2.Vidhi World Mosquito Racket Trap Powerful Voltage and 6 Months Warranty(Jumbo + Lithium)

Product Description

Powerful Pest Control – Vidhi World Regular Series anti-mosquito bat Instantly eliminates mosquitoes, flies, and other pests in a single swing.

Can be Used in Day or Night – This Mosquito racket can be used in day or night according to users requirement. Whether you are camping outside or you are having a picnic anywhere , you can simply take this with you as it is portable and the bright inbuilt-led will help you to swing the racket even in dark night also.

Charging – The charging Process is very simple , just plug your racket into any Plug and it starts to charge. The powerful built-in battery of mosquito racket offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge.

Safety First РVidhi World Anti-mosquito Racket has a glowing indicator light that will help users to know whether the zap is on or not to avoid accidental zapping. There’s even a triple-layer safety mesh which offers extra protection when the racket is electrified.

Easy to Use – To kill Mosquito or any other insects , Simply push the switch on and press the “ZAP” button and swing.

3.Weird Wolf Mosquito Racket Bat with 1 Year Warranty (Li Model, Unique Design)

Product Description

Large Mesh Area – The Weird wolf mosquito bat is quite different from other mosquito bat because of its large mesh area.It has about 15% more area for catching mosquitoes which makes it different from others.

Strong and Durable Body – This mosquito bat is very Strong and Long Lasting as it is made from aircraft grade ABS plastic material.

Removal Battery – It has a powerful Lithium battery worth 1500mAh which is removable and can be replaced very easily. The powerful battery provides a backup upto one month.

Unique Design – The Mosquito bat has a powerful LED to kill mosquitoes and other insects in the dark and the 1500v on the larger net mesh kills all insects instantly.

Warranty – The weird wolf mosquito bat ensures with 1 year of warranty and the registration and claim process is very easy.

4.Spartan Hunter Mosquito Resistant Mosquito Swatter Racket (Multicolor, Pack of 1)

Best electric mosquito racket
Best electric mosquito racket in India

Product Description

Convenient to handle – This Sparton Hunter mosquito bat is very convenient to handle. Just press the switch and swing the bat and let the mosquito come in contact with the mesh and get killed.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor – Mosquito can be anywhere and this lightweight racket is best for both indoor and outdoor operation.

Fully Plastic Body – The mosquito racket is made from plastic to protect from accidental shocks and makes the product well insulated.

Tactile Button – This Button is located at one side of the handle to switch on the mesh by pressing it and this process is very easy while using.

5.NIPPO Terminator Mini Rechargeable Insect Killer

Product Description

Ultra Lightweight – The Nippo Terminator Rechargeable insect killer is very light weight and easy to use .

Powerful battery – This nippo mosquito bat has a powerful 1200 mAh Li-on Battery with Battery Management System (BMS) .

Racket Protection – The racket has inbuilt over charge and discharge cut-off protection to save racket from being damaged by overcharging .
Shock proof Mesh – This Nippo mini mosquito killer bat has shock proof mesh available on both sides to protect users’ hands from getting shocked by electric mesh

Warranty – The company provides six month of Domestic warranty on this Product (Warranty of the product is only for manufacturing defects only. Please read all the warranty details before buying)

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