Best Rechargeable Emergency Light for Home in India 2023

Best rechargeable emergency light for home – If you are living in a power outage area or the probability of power cut in your area is very less and you don’t have any Inverter then you must have a rechargeable emergency Light in your home.

Best rechargeable emergency light for home

The fact is you can’t do any task without Light, So if you are looking for the best rechargeable emergency Light for home in India then this article for you. We have selected Top 5 Best Rechargeable Emergency Light for you according to customers reviews and ratings which you can buy without having a second thought.

3 Best Rechargeable Emergency Light list

  1. Syska Portable Rechargeable Led Lamp.
  2. Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency lamp.
  3. Syska Inverter  7-Watt Rechargeable Emergency Bulb.
  4. Philips Ujjwal Mini 16-LED Lantern.
  5. Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED.

1.Syska Portable Rechargeable Emergency Lamp with Torch Upto 4hrs Backup (Green-White)

About This Product

3-4 Hours of Continuous Light – Syska travel friendly led lamp cum torch light works 4 hours on torch light and 3 hours on lamp light by charging at least 10 hours.

Easy Sliding Switch – Syska LED  Light comes with an easy sliding switch to turn on/off the light very Conveniently with your thumb.

Inbuilt Plug – Syska Tuo light has an inbuilt 2 pin plug which can fit into any household socket and can be charged wire free and hassle free.

Bright Charging Indicator – This Rechargeable light has a bright charging indicator so users can remain aware and alert to the charging levels during power cut.

2.Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light (Yellow)

About This Product

84 LED Light – The Coral Rechargeable Led light is the best lantern by wipro which has 84 individual LED lights which offers brightest light to the User. It’s Operating time is 15 hours for Strong light and 20 hours for dim light.

Strong Battery Life – This Rechargeable Lantern has a Lithium Battery(3000mAh) of very lightweight and replaceable. The charging time for the battery is about just 8-10 hours,Thus it saves power and enhances battery life.

Adjustable Brightness Knob- This Emergency Light has a fine adjustment knob which controls the brightness of Light according to users requirement.

It’s Foldable Hook adds an extra advantage to use in different places as per requirement.

3.Syska Inverter  7-Watt Rechargeable Emergency Bulb (White)

About This Product 

Looks like Normal LED Bulb – This Syska Rechargeable Emergency Light looks like a normal bulb and can fit into a regular household socket easily.

3.5 hours of Backup – This emergency Light has a 2000mAh battery and took approx 8 – 10 hour for charging and provides continuous 3.5 hour of Light to Perform your task in power outage. 

Automatically On- The bulb switches on automatically when there occurs a power cut and with 3.5 hours of continuous light, It allows the user to complete activities during power cut.

Convenience at its Best – This Syska Emergency Light can be used at home, in the office,at outdoor gardens  or in any camping trip as it fits into the regular B22 socket like other LED bulbs.

4.Philips Ujjwal Mini 16-LED Lantern

Abou this Product

32 LED Lights – This philips rechargeable lantern has 32 LED lights to give high luminosity of 250 Lm.

Top Holder – To hold the lamp from top, the product has a top holder which helps to provide better visibility.

On and Off Button – The LED has an on and Off button to switch the light on and off according to requirement.

Charge Indicator- This Philips rechargeable emergency Light comes with a small light charger indicator to inform the User that the product is charging or not to avoid technical damage.

Silver metal plates – These plates are used  between the LED lights to increase the brightness and luminosity of the emergency light.

360-Degree Light Output – The lamp Consists of  32 LED lights which  spread out across 360 degrees of the lamp interior. This causes the lamp to provide lights all over the direction.

5.Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern (Red)

About This Product

Brighter, Stronger and more Durable.

Strong Body – The Amber Emergency Rechargeable light is made out of strong polycarbonate material which  enhances its durability in different conditions.

20+1.5 Hours of Light – This Rechargeable Light  provides 1.5 hours of strong light and 20 hours of dimmer light with the help of adjusting knob according to your need.

Built in Battery – This light comes with Built in Battery of 2×3.7 volt and 3000mA to lassen your battery usage and also it increases battery life. 

The added provision of a handle makes it easy for you to hang it as per your convenience.

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